Nashville Star Winner

I watched Nashville Star last night and was very disappointed that Nashville and country music were being represented so poorly.  Frankly, it was embarrassing.  If that’s the best finalists they can come up with then something is terribly amiss in their marketing strategy or our format is in serious trouble.  I think a couple of the contestants were okay and have potential, but there was only one future star on stage and that was Natalie Hemby.

No she’s not a finalist, but rather was the backup vocalist for Blake Shelton on his performance of “Home” last night.  I recently saw Natalie during a showcase at The Rutledge and she is a phenomenal songwriter and vocalist.  Exactly what the country format needs more of as opposed to what is being delivered by Nashville Star.  Go check out Natalie here.  Give a listen to her songs, especially “The Bees”, “Place To Shine”, and a brand new song she wrote entitled “Wailing Wall”.  Even in its demo form it kills.

During the evening I was also reminded how much Nashville labels need to get off their lazy haunches and go discover real artists as opposed to relying on the conveyor belt of talent shows and retreads from other formats.

It is supremely talented artists like Natalie that keeps my hope alive for this town.

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4 Responses to Nashville Star Winner

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  2. Stephen says:

    I agree about Nashville Star. It’s embarrassing. People who don’t listen to country music think this is what it sounds like. They’ve taken all the “heart” out of it and made it into a storyline for primetime television. Forget the fact that talent, experience, hard work, and a good business sense might be a good thing to have….


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