Yuengling Takes Over Tennessee

You can’t go anywhere in Nashville and not see the huge marketing campaign set in motion by Yuengling sometime late last year. The signs, coasters, banners, ads, and beer is everywhere from grocery stores to bars and restaurants.  It is quite an impressive foray.

Early this year someone recommended it to me. I honestly had never heard of it even though the beer is produced by America’s oldest brewery, D.G. Yuengling & Son and is one of the most popular beers in the Northeast.  If you go into a bar in Pennsylvania and ask for a lager, the bartender will hand you a Yuengling. It’s that well established. Any brewery that started in 1829 and is still kicking strong just produce decent beer, so I tried it. Now it is one of my favorite domestics.
The Yuengling Brewery is a regional brewer that has manufacturing plants in Pottsville, PA and Tampa, FL. Currently they distribute their products over a ten state area along the eastern seaboard.  As a result, their focus and efforts are markets that are logistically feasible to their production facilities.  Right now Tennessee is as far west as they go.

This is a similar story for one of my other top favorites – Fat Tire.  Not long ago you could not find it east of the Mississippi, but they just made their way into Illinois and I have recently discovered that they will soon be in Tennessee.  

And with Labatt’s having made their way south, the invasion of good beers is on.

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One Response to Yuengling Takes Over Tennessee

  1. Excellent blog. I am a confirmed Yuengling drinker. Fat Tire’s fine microbrews are now available in Tennessee. The 3 I have tried are excellent and recommended. Their Witbier is fine, the IPA is excellent, and the Black Ale is superb.


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