Nashville Convention and Visitors Bureau Top Dogs Weigh in on XM/Sirius Merger

In a article, Tim DuBois and Butch Spyridon voice their comments regarding the pending XM/Sirius Satellite merger. 

The proposed merger of XM and Sirius will be good for consumers, musicians and artists throughout the music industry, and especially good for Nashville.

In an era of shrinking radio playlists, it’s harder and harder for new artists and smaller labels to get played on AM and FM radio, and there is far less airplay for the many different genres of country music, whether outlaw, Americana, bluegrass or traditional. This makes satellite radio, with its remarkable programming diversity, vitally important for country music; it creates countless opportunities for Nashville musicians to reach fans from coast to coast.

XM has nine channels dedicated to country music; Sirius has five. These channels, combined with a lineup of original programming such as George Strait’s Strait Country or interview performance series Artist Confidentialon XM, have given countless hours of airplay for Nashville-based musicians, and created new fans who never otherwise would have been exposed to those artists.

Satellite radio has also put money directly into the hands of Nashville-based musicians and labels. While traditional AM and FM don’t pay a dime in performance royalties, satellite radio is the largest single contributor of performance royalties to artists and record labels, having created an entirely new revenue source for the music industry.

Satellite radio has made a major commitment to Nashville. XM has established a strong presence, building new studios in Sommet Center’s arena tower. This facility enables XM to originate its country programming directly from the city and to offer more performances and interviews to country fans.

In addition, XM airs exclusive coverage of the CMA Music Festival, broadcasting live performances every day for a week.

This kind of enhanced exposure is exactly what artists promoting their careers need and want.

Read the rest of this short article here.

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