Radio, Rock & Roll, and MTV

Yeah, this is me in my earliest days of being a part of the music industry.  After I graduated high school, my goal was to be on the radio and eventually in the business, and it started in August of the same year.  I applied to the station at Rogers State College (KNGX 91.3) in Claremore, Oklahoma for a Saturday afternoon shift.  I had just enrolled at the school and gotten my class schedule for the fall semester, so I basically started on the air having taken not one broadcasting class as of yet.  Up to that point I had only been a DJ at dances and emceed events. 

Every Saturday afternoon I would bring my own albums and play whatever I wanted.  I took request and played those too.  Many of my friends would call in or stop by the station before they drove out to Oolagah Lake.  I spun (literally) rock and roll music that Tulsa stations would not play enough of at that time.  It’s how this crazy career started and the station was a better learning experience than any broadcasting class I took at the college.

Three big influence are in this photo.  Radio, Rock & Roll, and MTV.  Back around the time when all three were much better.  MTV was the cutting edge culture shaper of a generation, but now I consider it a complete waste of a cable channel and everyone’s time.  It’s no longer cutting edge and not shaping culture in a positive way.  It is junk. 

Will there ever be another force like MTV?  Is pop culture too crowded with distractions and choices for anything to ever be as influential and enjoyable as MTV was back in the day?

Those days at KNGX were a blast.  A learning free for all as I programmed my own “Saturday Afternoon Rock Assault” show, slip cuing records, taking real requests, and getting my feet wet in the music business.

And yes, in case you were wondering, that shirt is a first generation original.

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One Response to Radio, Rock & Roll, and MTV

  1. caseyhoutz says:

    Mike, I completely agree that many places that used to be cutting edge, like MTV, have sadly dropped into that bottomless pit of “reality” shows and “remember when we were good” specials. I remember growing up on MTV and learning about music because the VJs actually knew about music and music making. Today there are so many places to get “entertainment” that they are competing for eyes, but they don’t seem to be competing for the best content.

    There are a few places that you can still get quality new music, like Philadelphia’s WXPN, where they really push to find that new artist, that new sound. You can also find some interesting international artists on places like Myspace, if you can sort through the crap.


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