The Politics of Music

What do you get when you put the NAB, RIAA, Department of Commerce, artists, attorneys, and members of Congress in the same room?  A mess.

They are fighting it out in Washington D.C. regarding radio performance fees.  Business Week has an update on the complicated situation.

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One Response to The Politics of Music

  1. Jakomi says:

    It is important that artists are paid for the public broadcast of their music. Radio stations would not be able to sell their ad space without having music, so why shouldn’t artist be entitled to a piece of that pie? In all other civilised western countries artists are entitled to receive a payment every-time that a song of their is played on the radio or broadcast on television. The fact that sales of recorded music are nosediving means artist are relying on their other income streams and so this campaign in the US becomes even more important.

    Personally, I think the base point is that without music from artist their would be no radio full stop! To check out how artists are ripped off by their own labels in the digital realm and hence why this campaign in the US for royalties to be paid for music music broadcast check out this article:

    Be good to get peoples thoughts


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