The Music Advisory: Chasen

Chasen is a band I was turned onto in February after their first single cracked the charts and their debut album was set to be released.  I immediately gravitated to their fresh sound and found half a dozen tracks that I thought were stellar.  They are a recently successful Contemporary Christian act, but they could easily be heard over multiple formats because of the quality of their work.  In much of the same way that Switchfoot made the impacting move across genres, so could this band eventually if they wanted to.

Lead singer/songwriter Chasen Callahan, guitarist Evan Silver and drummer Aaron Lord recorded their own independent project and it eventually found its way into the hands of OMG, a new indie label in Greenville, South Carolina.

Their debut album, Shine Through the Stars, was released in April and was produced by Noel Golden, whose credits include Matchbox Twenty, Edwin McCain, and Lee Ann Womack.

Where so many bands fall short because they are banal and one dimensional, Chasen successfully finds relevance and distinctiveness.  The Music Advisory highly recommends.


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One Response to The Music Advisory: Chasen

  1. ford silver says:

    My son Silver plays lead guitarist in Chasen, I have heard some of the new songs they are writing for there second cd and it is even better.


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