Industry Pro of the Week: Luke Jensen


PD Journal Broadcasting KVOO/Tulsa


Previous Stations & Positions:

KBEQ/ Kansas City, Mo        Intern /Pt On-Air

KXBZ/Manhattan, Ks            Nights/Afternoons/MD

KZKX/Lincoln, Ne                 Afternoons/MD

KBEQ/ Kansas City, Mo        Nights/Mornings

WSOC/ Charlotte, NC            Afternoons

KCKC/ Kansas City               PD/Mornings

KVOO/ Tulsa                          PD / Afternoons


Years in the biz:                     15


Marital Status:                      Married


Kids:                                       Hopefully someday



How do you like Tulsa so far? Tulsa is great so far.  When I started talking to the folks here about the job, I had no idea what to expect…tumbleweeds and oil wells were what I pictured.  Thankfully Tulsa has much more to offer…I figured if Garth calls it home, and Mike Severson was raised here, it’s probably a decent spot!


What is your favorite restaurant in Tulsa?  I’m fat, so Nutra System is my favorite…If the wife let’s me go out to eat, I’ll usually be found at a local Mexican Cantina.


There are three FM country stations in your market, two of which are Journal. What are the unique challenges of programming in the Tulsa market?  Journal has KVOO and the Classic Country KXBL, and Cox has KWEN.  It is definitely an interesting dynamic in the market.  The Classic Country is doing well and does it’s own thing.  The real battle is between KVOO and KWEN…KWEN has been consistently on top over the years and we are ready to change that. 


Are you currently utilizing, or planning to utilize: podcasts, video, texting or other digital technology in your programming and promotions?  If so, in what way?  We are in the process of redoing all of our websites, at which point we will become more active with Podcasts, video etc.  Journal leadership is very proactive in this area and has a great vision for the future so I expect us to be maximizing these efforts in the very near future.


What is the most pressing problem radio faces today?  How do you think it should be resolved?  Radio is becoming very good at being unremarkable.  It is no longer about passion, fun, or excitement, but, how can we save money.  There are many places people can go to for a jukebox.  We have to get back to what made radio special.  What can we do that an IPOD, Satellite, or Phone can’t…


What can record labels and artists do to better serve you and your station?  We have been very fortunate in Tulsa to have great support from both the artists and record labels, which makes it easy to work together to accomplish our specific goals.


Who has had the most influence on you in your career thus far?  Why?  Mike Kennedy would be the one person who has turned me into the grouch that I have become.  He gave me an opportunity in high school to become a part of the KBEQ family, and has given me countless opportunities since.  I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work next to the best. 


What are your favorite web sites and blogs?  I love Perez Hilton, and check it out daily.  I am a pop culture junkie and find myself entertained by Perez…My daily list of websites consist of TMZ, CNN, All Access,,, and (I like planes).


What is the most ridiculous thing about the music business?  Some of the people and the positions they hold.


Do you ever play local or regional country acts?  If so, do you have a success story?  We don’t at this time.


What advice would you give someone wanting to get into the music business?  Go to college and have a backup plan.  This is a fun business, but I have seen two many people get caught up in the thrill of the ride and not have a plan for when the ride ends.  Unfortunately, for most folks, the ride ends sooner then they would like.  If you know that going in, you’ll be alright! 


How important is it for a station to be local for their specific market?  It is very important.  We spend a lot of time and effort finding ways to be more involved in our community.  People can listen to country music form a variety of mediums, but they can’t listen to their favorite song and find out what’s happening at the Riverwalk this weekend, or the big charity walk downtown. 


What are your plans for the rest of 2008?  Stay employed, stay married, and have fun doing the job that I love!



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