Industry Pro of the Week: Kevin Christopher


Operations Director for Tyler Media, PD KKNG / Oklahoma City, OK


How long with KKNG? 10 years


Previous stations you have been with?



Marital Status? Married 18 years to Shari


Kids? Konner 13, Kloe (Chloe) 8


Years in the biz? 23


What do you like best about the OKC market?  Oklahomans are fantastic people…and OKC is on the move with great growth and soon…an NBA franchise…and of course, the Sooners!


What is your favorite vacation spot with the family? We go skiing in Breckenridge most every year…great times!


What are the unique challenges of programming in the OKC market? 2 direct country competitors make this market unique and very, very challenging


KKNG just celebrated 10 years on the air.  Congratulations!  What has been King Country’s biggest moment in the last decade?  What are the goals for the next 10 years?  Starting as a Classic Country Station and winning 20 out of 21 12+ books was a thrill…now the transition to Mainstream Country and trying to grow the station younger is fun and a challenge.


Are you currently utilizing, or planning to utilize: podcasts, video, texting or other digital technology in your programming and promotions?  If so, in what way?  We King Pod the morning show each day with 3-4 highlights listeners can download to the Ipods and listen too…tons of video on the site from station events and artist visits…also done a couple of successful text messaging campaigns


What is the most pressing problem radio faces today?  How do you think it should be resolved?  If we do great radio the listeners will come and the ad dollars will follow…there’s just not enough good radio being done today…we’ve stripped it down to a point where creativity is at a minimum


What can record labels and artists do to better serve you and your station?  I have no complaint from the record side…reps could do a better job of doing their homework and understanding our “sound” and seeing if there product fits that sound instead of having their own agenda


If money and time were no object, what would you most like to do?  Play golf on the PGA tour.


What are the advantages of working for a smaller radio company like Tyler Media?  I can have coffee with my owners every morning and find solutions to problems quickly.


What are your favorite web sites and blogs?  RnR, All About Country and All Access…and National Weather Service…I know, that makes me really sound like a geek.


What is the most ridiculous thing about the music business?  That could be incriminating…I’ll pass on that question.


I know you play unsigned local or regional country acts.  Do you have any particular success stories?  Several…spinning the CCR and Kevin Fowler and both are top 6 research for me.


What advice would you give someone wanting to get into the music business?  It’s a volatile time…make sure this is really what you want to do before you choose this as a career.


How important is it for a station to be local for their specific market? Extremely, it’s the only thing that differentiates your station from other technology.




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