The Music Advisory*: MuteMath

Many musical acts come and go as my favorites.  I add their music to iTunes and then I burn it out.  I see them once live and am not motivated to lay down money to see them again.  There are but few who’s music I do not get burnt out on and who I will see every time they come to town if I am able. 

One of those artists is MuteMath.

I first saw their intense show at the Exit Inn in Nashville several years ago and was blown away.  Witnessed the four piece band several more times in Nashville and Austin.  From the initial EP to their first official full length release, they have never failed to impress me with their music and talent.

Check them out for yourself with the creative “backward” video of their single “Typical” below and their Mute Math Myspace and Wikipedia sites.  You may find they have a sound reminiscent of The Police and U2.  Definitely has an 80’s tint to it.

Here’s a video from the second Exit Inn show I saw them at in 2006. It is the uniquely instrumental song “Reset”.

*The Music Advisory will be a regular element on this blog and will spotlight artists I think stand out from the rest.  Whether new or established acts, I pledge to keep this feature unbiased by not including artists I work directly with (even though I do think they are all amazingly talented)



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