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Fans: Scout and Invest in Artists Online

From Digital Music News: In a democratized media environment, shouldn’t fans pick promising bands from the start?  That is currently a theoretical debate, especially given the filtering role that labels have traditionally played.  Of course, bands now have the ability … Continue reading

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Know What You’re Good At

I want to expand upon the “Kiss of Death” blog from a couple weeks ago, specifically regarding artists and songwriters. When I was at MCA Records I remember a particular artist who had been successful in the past and was trying … Continue reading

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Records Labels Not Getting It Right

An excert from Jerry Del Colliano’s Inside Music Media: “They are producing too much music that is unremarkable. In an era when music is stolen and shared routinely, the labels need to focus on polishing up their best acts. They … Continue reading

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Study Examines How Americans Use Internet to Buy Music

A new study by the Pew/Internet & American Life Project titled “The Internet and Consumer Choice: Online Americans Use Different Search and Purchase Strategies for Different Goods”. It examines how music is being purchased and information is gathered. Check out … Continue reading

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The Music Advisory: Chasen

Chasen is a band I was turned onto in February after their first single cracked the charts and their debut album was set to be released.  I immediately gravitated to their fresh sound and found half a dozen tracks that I thought … Continue reading

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Clear Channel Opening Up a New Box

Clear Channel is streaming a couple of Pandora stations on various individual web properties. Will this testing of the waters turn into something more long term? Check out the Wired article here.  

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The Power of Fans. The Innovation of Artists.

Another fine example of an artist creatively partnering with fans so the they can make music their fans want to not only hear, but play a part in. Innovation and incentives impacting the future of the music industry.  Previous related blog post  

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