Leave Your Mobile in the Van

Peter Cooper blogs about how mobile devices are hurting music in a way you might not have thought about: 

When people talk about the things that are allegedly “killing” music, they usually go on about vocal tuning technology, the demise of physical product, too many cookie cutter acts, etc. Here’s what’s really killing music, though: cell phones.

In Nashville, the problem goes beyond the dunderheads who “forget” to turn off their ringers and wind up interrupting poignant, compelling or otherwise groovy moments with some kind of seemed-clever-at-the-time ring tone. The problem here extends to people who turn their ringers off but who glance at their Blackberry devices every two minutes and actually type email during performances. To all around, this sends the message, “Whatever the performer is doing is not worthy of my attention.” At a regular club show, this is irritating as all get out. At one of the “showcases” where a performer is presumably auditioning for a record contract or publishing contact, it’s heartbreaking.

Check out the rest of this article on Tennessean.com HERE.

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