Industry Pro of the Week: Andy Elliott

PD Citadel KJJY/KHKI Des Moines, IA

Marital Status: Married

Children: 3 girls Darby 13, Libby 10, Ava 1 (pictured)

Previous stations you have been with: KIOA in Des Moines (Oldies) and KOKZ in Waterloo (Hot AC)

Years in biz: 17

How long have you lived in Des Moines and worked at 92.5 KJJY & 97.3 The Hawk?  I was born and raised in Des Moines and have worked for KJJY since 1992. I took over KHKI 3 years ago.

What is your favorite thing to do in Des Moines? I love to golf and we also have one of the nicest Triple A ballparks in the country so I like to catch a game with a brat and beer now and then.

What are the unique challenges of programming two country stations in the Des Moines market? The hardest part is making sure each station has it’s own identity.

If money and time were no object, what would you most like to do?  Become a professional poker player.

What are your favorite web sites and blogs?  I enjoy You Tube and CBS Sportsline during football season ( Go Pack ). I suppose your blog will become a favorite of mine too.

What is the most ridiculous thing about the music business? All of the over thinking that goes on. A hit is a hit and a stiff is a stiff. No amount of spin can change that in the long run.

Do you ever play local or regional country acts? If so, do you have a success story?  We have a local guy here named Jason Brown. He’s a great guy with an unbelievable fan base. He’s also been able to find some very strong songs. He’s been a nice little secret for us over the last couple years and I hope the secret gets out because he’s a very deserving artist.

What advice would you give someone wanting to get into the music business?  Take care of your fans. They don’t care about the politics of the music business. They care about feeling a connection with you and believing that you know how valuable they are to you.

How important is it for a station to be local for their specific market? Outside of the music, it’s the most important thing. You have the chance to give them something that no one else can.

You and the stations have a great reputation of being aggressive and playing new music. How do you make sure that strategy (which I completely agree with by the way) works to the stations advantage?  I’m in a unique situation where I have two stations. I’m able to be extremely aggressive on one station and then gage reaction to determine what’s working before we commit to the other station.

Could Eddie Hatfield run for mayor of Des Moines and win?  Only if they would let him govern from his recliner at home. You could bet there would be great food at all the council meetings.

Being a fellow Green Bay fan, how do you think the team will perform with Aaron Rodgers at the helm?  It all depends on his durability. If he can stay healthy, I think we’ll be back in the playoffs. If he is injury prone…I’m blaming you.

Thanks Andy!!

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