A&R in Nashville

I’d like to see the ratio and breakdown of recently successful acts from record labels.  A comparison of brand new artists that no one has heard of to artists that have been lifted off one of the following:  American Idol, Nashville Star, Dancing With The Stars, MySpace, from another format, through Muzik Mafia, or from independent labels.

Where are the new star acts that can say they were actually scouted and discovered by a major label?  Like when an A&R rep would be on the road and hear the buzz about an incredible artist, who they went to see, and then brought to Nashville to showcase and sign?  

Yes, it still happens on occasion, but it seems so rare and sometimes more accidental than anything else. 

Has allowing television, the Internet, publishers, and indie labels do the ground work for them made most major labels complacent or has the business of finding acts changed?

Sure social networks and YouTube has made discovery easier and more cost effective, but I have to think there is plenty of pure amazing talent out there that didn’t audition for a television show and doesn’t have the time or means to market themselves full time on the Internet.

Let’s find them.  For all of our sake.



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