Industry Pro: Tim Jones

Tim Jones

Program Director – Citadel WGKX Memphis



Previous employment:

  • KBQI/KSYU Albuquerque  PD
  • Clear Channel HD Format Lab PD
  • WDDD Marion-Carbondale, IL  PD
  • KEZS Cape Girardeau, MO PD
  • KDXY/KDEZ Jonesboro, AR PD
  • WYCQ Nashville, TN  On-Air
  • KFIN/KIYS Jonesboro, AR  Evening Personality

 Years in biz: 18


What do you miss about Albuquerque?  The golf courses, my cousin Mark and various friends, the dry weather and the Sandia mountains.


What is your favorite restaurant in Memphis?  Hands down… always will be the world famous Rendezvous.


What are the unique challenges of programming in the Memphis market? Memphis is a great market to program in but just like Albuquerque I find myself in an ethnic battle for the top spot. This is not only challenging but often frustrating. 


Are you currently utilizing, or planning to utilize: podcasts, video, texting or other digital technology in your programming and promotions?  If so, in what way?  We are doing some podcasts and video. The texting is on the horizon for us as well. I am excited about the future of technology hence why I have an Iphone. I love it. 


What is the most pressing problem radio faces today?  How do you think it should be resolved?  Shrinking budgets and audience. I believe you have to put money in to make money. I am very fortunate that Citadel still believes in this as well. I am very blessed to be in this company. As far as audience goes, people’s tastes change, we have to change with them and give them what they want or they will go somewhere else.


What can record labels and artists do to better serve you and your station?  I think country does a great job. You will not find rock or pop artists doing what country will. We are very lucky. 


If money and time were no object, what would you most like to do?  Travel around the world on my time schedule with no cell phone and on my own personal jet with my best friends and family in tow. 


I’ve never known a time where Rita did not work the front desk.  How long has she been there now?  14 years and counting, she rocks.


What are your favorite web sites and blogs?  I am a Perez Hilton/TMZ addict. I also check out NY times, All Access, Ebay, Mediabase and Yahoo daily. Crazy thing is my search engine is GOOGLE but my home page is Yahoo. I know, doesn’t make sense to me either. 


What is the most ridiculous thing about the music business?  That could turn into a novel. Do you really want me to go there?  


Do you ever play local or regional country acts?  If so, do you have a success story?  I am a fan of a local guy here: The Brad Kessler Band. This kid has something. We’ve spun him here and there and he always opens for us when we need him.


What advice would you give someone wanting to get into the music business?  This too could be another novel. Main point would be …be careful who you are getting into business with. Personally, I think some of the old blood in Nashville needs to move on because they are way behind times. Sorry, that was my inside voice. 


How important is it for a station to be local for their specific market?  That’s the thing that keeps us close to the listener…no matter what anyone tells you…this is the key!



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