If Country Music Got Sued

50 Cent and Universal Music Group are being sued for promoting the “gangsta lifestyle”.  Read about it here.

That got me thinking about what lifestyle country music is promoting.  Who could sue us?  Soccer moms?  Former 70’s rock fans?  The state of Texas?

See comments and please feel free to add your own.


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5 Responses to If Country Music Got Sued

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  2. krd1992 says:

    I doubt soccer mom’s would sue, seeing as todays country music glorifies the life that they love (mini-vans, kenny chesney’s pants, etc…). I would guess that owners of actual 70’s rock concert t-shirts could have a class-action against the bands that wear new, but fake ones so they look hip and un-country (see kenny chesney, brad paisley, lonestar, keith urban, rascal flatts, etc…), because as these bands look cheesy, they are driving down the value and cachet that having a real vintage concert shirt from the 70’s offers the owner.


  3. Mike says:

    That is part of the reason soccer mom’s have a case to sue. Country music influences them to resort to that lifestyle, perhaps against their better judegement. Maybe somebody didn’t want the mini-van or the camo pants for their kids?! The music is to blame!

    I am making fun here, but that’s the point. However, if you want to take it to another level, some serious critical thinking can be done about who is the target of the country format, why, and what should be done to advance the format beyond the lowest common denominator.


  4. mandoron says:

    I’d sue for pain and suffering, personally.


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