Does Your Radio Station Have Video?

If not, why not?  Radio will need to embrace aggressive podcasting and video strategies to compete for the attention of future listeners.  The age of P1 demo of many country radio stations is rising because they are losing younger generations of consumers.  These tech savvy “self broadcasting” demos are getting what they want when they want it.  They aren’t waiting around through ad spots and countless other songs to hear their new favorite.

Creative and innovative use of podcasts, video, web sites, and mobile based activity will not only enable radio to stay in the game, but be active in the lives of listeners.  This could also answer the concerns of being local and developing engaging personalities, but radio companies need to make a commitment in making it happen.  Will they?

These new media outlets will not only expand the brand of the station, but also be more easily monitored and accurately measured for advertising purposes. For example, YouTube users can now better analyze the viewing patterns of videos far more easily according to this story from Media Week.

The bottom line is creating entertaining content value and connecting to the listener and consumer.  The more ways radio can do that the better chance they have to compete and win in a quickly changing landscape.

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