To Find Joy

Joel’s guest blog posted on Wednesday got me thinking more about the process of finding Joy.

It seems that in order to discover the Joy in life or to notice the good, it takes effort and work.  It is EASY to do something bad or to reflect on the negative things. Easy to be wretched, to tear someone else down, and to find the worst in everything.  Especially easy in our junk culture and 24 hour crisis news media, which are set up not to allow contentment or Joy.  It shows just how important discipline, reflection, and awareness are to life.

People tend to just float along and allow life to happen to them rather than making conscious decisions to be on the lookout for Joy, which is all around and calling out.  Each one of us struggle with this. 

It is time to see with new eyes.

The accompanying photograph I shot, to me, illustrates the process of finding Joy.  It ain’t easy, it ain’t always pretty, and we still must go through stress, pain, and loss in this life; but Joy can find its way within us if we let it.  Many times the hardship is necessary for Joy to be revealed. 

Nothing can be better than living a life of Joy.















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