Best Movie Of The Year

This years Academy Awards were the lowest rated on record.  I watched most of the show and it was possibly one of the most boring Oscar’s I have ever seen.  I was, however, very glad to see Daniel Day Lewis and Diablo Cody win.

Lewis is a tremendous actor.  Seeing him accept the award last night, Amy and I were amazed that the character he portrayed in “There Will Be Blood” came out of his normal personality and voice.  When actors speak on stage, the majority of them are not far removed from their acting presence.  They also act similarly in many films.  Not Daniel Day Lewis.  The man is in a very small group of exceptionally gifted character actors that are on an entirely different level.  An entire different planet of acting.

Although I appreciated all of the movies up for Best Film in different ways, Juno was my personal favorite.  It surprised me how good it was and I found it refreshing in a year of very dark films.

Awards aside, my top favorite of all of last year was the independent film BELLA.  A beautiful and meaningful movie I would recommend for anyone.  Go rent and purchase it when it arrives on DVD! 

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