A La Carte Radio

Chris Anderson at The Long Tail has written a piece about how he has moved from listening to the radio to customizing his listening via podcasts on his iphone.  He writes about NPR specifically, but then makes it an industry wide subject.  Do you agree with his predictions? Why or why not?  If you do, how do you challenge or utilize the rise of “personal broadcasting”?

“Now that I get my radio via podcast, I don’t have to take the bad shows with the good. I’ve got an a la carte menu, and I assemble my own schedule with what I want and when I want it”

“But look at the arc of history here. The podcast model is getting cheaper and more ubiquitously available (who doesn’t have a cellphone?), and it serves individual needs and taste better. Meanwhile the broadcast model, which is all about one-size-fits-all taste, is based on human labor costs and costly transmission equipment and is only getting more expensive. You can see how this story ends.”

“My shifting of funding from the general (radio station) to the specific (show) tells me that radio is going to get microchunked, just like the rest of media. The more granular, the better. We’re about to find out where people’s loyalties really lie.”

The entire post is here.

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