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Giving Power Back To The Program Director

Jerry Del Colliano from Inside Music Media lists the 5 new rules for radio PD’s (addressed to consolidators or other serial abusers), so look out: 1. One PD per station. It used to be that a successful program director lived, breathed … Continue reading

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Whiskey Falls Breaking New Ground For Country

Many of tomorrow’s popular artists are going to need more than a single and a CD to explode.  To find entry into new media, exposure to potential fans and to sell their music it will be necessary to market and … Continue reading

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The Economy Of Free

Chris Anderson, Editor In Chief of Wired, is currently writing a follow up to his incredible book “The Long Tail”.  The subject is the interesting phenomenon of FREE. In the spirit of the subject, a free 6,000 word preview and … Continue reading

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Best Movie Of The Year

This years Academy Awards were the lowest rated on record.  I watched most of the show and it was possibly one of the most boring Oscar’s I have ever seen.  I was, however, very glad to see Daniel Day Lewis and Diablo Cody … Continue reading

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Travel Tip #12

I love Southwest Airlines for a number of reasons.  They outperform every other airline I have traveled on except for maybe Frontier or other small specialty jet companies.  One of the reasons is because I like being able to determine … Continue reading

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Inside Music Media Blog

Inside Music Media is the blog of Jerry Del Colliano, founder of Inside Radio and current professor of Music Industry at USC.  I could not decide which article to link to because they are all extremely relevant and well done, so … Continue reading

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Presidential Debate or American Idol?

This blog is not going to get very political, but am I the only one who thinks the debates should not be in front of a live studio audience?  Or at the very least have the crowd hold their biased approval … Continue reading

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