What do you do?

A good majority of people define themselves by what they do for a living.  It is even more true in the music industry.  We like the business because it is more of a lifestyle than a job.  Since it is a lifestyle, it starts to define us.  Isn’t the question, “So, what do you do?” one of the first things people ask when you meet them?  Do you do the same to others?  Yeah, we all do.


What is our motivation for that question?  Are we just trying to network and hoping this individual can be a stellar contact or are we generally interested in the person?  Do we secretly want others to ask that question of us so we can impress our new friend by what we do for a living?  Has it happened enough where we actually define ourselves by what we do for a living and not by who were are as a person?  That’s happened to me and the struggle continues.


Sure, I am proud of where I work, the people I work with and the artists I work for.  It is definitely part of who I am, but it is not ALL that I am.  Don’t be defined by what you do for a living, no matter how cool it is or how passionate you are about it.  You are better than that.  And next time you meet someone, let’s all try to be interested in them no matter where they work.

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